About Red Moon Weaving

Early 2018 I started volunteering in Mexico City to fight against human trafficking. I thought I went down emotionally and mentally prepared because had previously volunteered in a red light district, in Los Angeles, with transgender prostitutes. I had spent time amongst the addicts and homeless on Skid Row. There wasn’t anything I could have done previously to prepare me for the things I saw, the stories I heard and the tears I wiped from faces of children who were victims of sex trafficking. It wasn’t until my second trip where I heard God say, now that you’ve seen, you are now accountable. Once these women and children are rescued out, what are you going to do to create wider gap between these women and the streets, from ever needing to return to that life. A month later I started Red Moon Weaving. Red Moon Weaving creates economic opportunities in Mexico City for women who are set free from human trafficking. These women are part of the many sets of hands that weave seed beads into jewelry for Red Moon Weaving. Red Moon Weaving also employs artisans local to Mexico City, in hopes that prostitution will never need to be a means to live. Our hope is that by creating economic opportunities that the women who were once slaves and victims of abuse and violence can stand before their daughters and say “this stops with me, my past will not be your future”.

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